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Starter set LNL Iron Press single station press #085521

Hornady LNL Iron Press starter set with accessories

The HORNADY LNL Iron Press Beginner's Set #085521 is the perfect choice for both novice and experienced handloaders looking for quality gear to streamline their reloading practice. This comprehensive set has everything you need to load cartridges accurately and achieve outstanding results.

The heart of the set is the HORNADY LNL Iron Press multi-station press and the innovative Auto Prime System. The Iron Press impresses with its robust cast iron construction and its five stations, which enable simultaneous processing of cases, primers and bullets. The Auto Prime System facilitates the setting of primers and ensures reliable and precise work.

The starter kit also includes high-quality dies that ensure precise calibration and optimal performance. The "Lock-N-Load Powder Measure" allows for accurate powder dosing, while the "Hand Priming Tool" provides convenient handling when setting primers.

In addition to the tool, the set includes useful accessories such as the digital "Scale" for accurate weight measurements and the "Handheld Priming Tool" to make primer work even easier.

The HORNADY LNL Iron Press Starter Set #085521 is the key to accurate reloading and allows you to design your own cartridges with the utmost accuracy and consistency. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced reloader, this set gives you everything you need to improve your skills and craft top quality ammunition. Invest in quality and precision with this outstanding entry-level set from HORNADY


  • solid cast frame / approx. 12kg
  • Mounting dimensions analogous to Hornady AP / Classic Press and RCBS® Rock Chucker®
  • including primer collection box
  • for right and left hands
  • manual ZH setting system
  • Patented quick-change system
  • massive setting stamp

Additional parts of the set:

  • Automatic priming system
  • Holding platform for matrices
  • Storage containers for components
  • digitalscale
  • Case Dressing Tools (Inside-Outside Deburrer / Small Large Trigger Bell Cleaner / Case Neck Brush [Caliber .22, .25 / 6mm, 270/mm, .30 / .35, .45])
  • powder filling device
  • reloading manual
  • Unique™ sleeve fat
  • Lock-N-Load® Comparator Set of 6 inserts
  • Lock-N-Load® Die Bushings 3 pieces
  • Powder funnel for caliber .22 - .45 cal
  • Digital caliper
  • Shell holders #1, #2, #5, #16, #35

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